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Picture Description and Discussion 1


Description of the picture:

In this picture I can see a Boeing 767 that is performing a belly landing in a runway.

The airplane has its base color as white and has a thick blue stripe that passes through the majority of the windows and leads to the tail. It says LOT in the front, right behind the cockpit, and it’s the name of the company. The vertical stabilizer and the rudder are also painted blue and there is a logo in it.

The callsign of this airplane is SP-LPC, which means it’s a Polish registration, same nationality as the company.

The flaps and slats are fully extended and the airplane has a slight positive angle of attack. This can mean that the airplane is still moving and the pilot is maintaining the nose up to soften the landing. The engine cowlings are touching the ground and there is a white cloud of smoke being formed behind it. It looks like that a small layer of foam was poured on the runway, as I can observe below and in front of the airplane.

In the background I can see more grass fields and some buildings. Also there is a crane in the right side of the picture, just behind the airplane.

In the foreground of the picture I can see a grass field that surrounds the runway.

The weather seems to be broken or overcast, by the clouds covering almost all of the sky that is in the field of view.

Possible causes:

  • Problems in the hydraulic system
  • Partial extension of the landing gear, so the pilot decided to perform a belly landing.

Possible consequences:

  • Emergency landing
  • Panic on board
  • Injuries to passengers or crew
  • Loss of control during landing

Possible procedures:

First of all the pilots must try to verify the state of the landing gear. After knowing that the landing gear is not extended, they must inform the controllers of this situation and request to dump fuel (if possible), land on the longest runway, firefighting and medical assistance upon landing.

I have never had this experience.

I have had this experience. (Tell briefly about your experience).

Question: What can cause a hydraulic failure in an airplane?

Possible Answer: A failure in the hydraulic system can be caused by fire in the hydraulic pump or a leakage. Depending on the airplane, the hydraulic system is controlled by an electric system as well. If it fails, it can cause the hydraulic system to fail too.

Now, tell me whether if you agree or disagree with the following statement:

“Belly landing is the least damaging emergency landing.”

Possible Answer: I fully agree with this statement. All of the other possibilities of landing, except the normal landing are worst.

Possible Answer 2: I disagree with the statement. In some cases, the nose landing gear does not extends, unlike the main landing gears. In these cases, only the front of the airplane will be damaged.


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